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1000-Level Classes that are Open

2000-Level Classes that are Open

Arts & Sciences Departments

African-American & African Studies Mathematics
American Studies Media Studies
Anthropology Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures
Art Music
Astronomy Philosophy
Biology Physics
Chemistry Politics
Classics Public Health Sciences
Drama Psychology
East Asian Languages, Literatures & Cultures Religious Studies
Economics Slavic Languages & Literatures
English Sociology
Environmental Sciences Spanish, Italian & Portuguese
French Language & Literature Statistics
German Languages & Literatures Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Arts & Sciences Programs, Seminars, and Institutes

American Sign Language Interdisciplinary Studies
Archaeology Jewish Studies
Cognitive Science Latin American Studies
College Advising Seminars Leadership & Public Policy
Computer Science Liberal Arts Seminars
Creative Writing Linguistics
Disability Studies Initiative Medieval Studies
East Asian Studies Middle Eastern Studies
Engaging the Liberal Arts Neuroscience
Environmental Thought & Practice Practice Outside Arts & Sciences
European Studies Political & Social Thought
Global Citizenry in Action and in Translation South Asian Studies
Global Studies Pavilion Seminars
Graduate Humanities & Social Sciences University Seminars
Institute of the Humanities and Global Culture  

Arts & Sciences Curriculum and Requirements

Engagements (8 credits) Engaging Aesthetics (2 credits)
  Empirical and Scientific Engagement (2 credits)
  Engaging Differences (2 credits)
  Ethical Engagement (2 credits)
Literacies (26 credits) World Languages (14 credits)
  First Writing Requirement (3 credits)
  Second Writing Requirement (3 credits)
  Quantification, Computation, & Data Analysis (6 credits)
Disciplines (21 credits) Artistic, Interpretive, & Philosophical Inquiry (3 credits)
  Chemical, Mathematical, and Physical Universe (3 credits)
  Cultures & Societies of the World (3 credits)
  Historical Perspectives (3 credits)
  Living Systems (3 credits)
  Social & Economic Systems (3 credits)
  Science & Society (3 credits)
Arts & Sciences Curriculum and Requirements by Mnemonics
Old Arts & Sciences Curriculum and Requirements

Engineering & Applied Sciences Departments

Applied Mathematics Electrical & Computer Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Materials Science & Engineering
Chemical Engineering Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering Science, Technology & Society
Computer Science Systems & Information Engineering
Cross-Disciplinary Courses  

School of Education and Human Development Departments

Human Services Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education
Education Leadership, Foundations and Policy Kinesiology

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Degree Programs
Bacholor of Interdisciplinary Studies Bacholor of Professional Studies in
     Health Sciences Management
Certificate Programs
Accounting-Graduate Procurement and Contracts Management-Graduate
Cyber Security Management-Graduate Health Sciences Management-Graduate
Federal Acquisition-Undergraduate Leadership-Graduate
Leadership in Human Resources Management-Undergraduate Public Administration-Graduate
Information Technology-Graduate and Undergraduate Project Management-Graduate
Public Relations-Noncredit Cyber Security Analysis-Undergraduate
Certified Financial Planning-Noncredit  

Other Schools at the University of Virginia

Architecture Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Law School
Business (Darden School) Medical School
Commerce (McIntire School) Nursing School
Cross Disciplinary (For All Schools) Public Policy (Batten School)
Data Science University Seminars
Engineering and Applied Sciences University Studies

Other Programs, Seminars, and Institutes

Civic and Community Engagement ROTC Programs:
Cross Disciplinary (For All Schools)     Air Science
Global Sustainability     Military Science
McIntire Business Institute (Summer 2016)     Naval Science
  University Studies
  Youth and Social Innovation

Special Listings and Raw Data

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Topics Courses (All x5xx courses in Arts & Sciences)
ZipArchive of complete enrollment data for the 1222 semester
Topics Classes Without Topics
Weekly Distribution of Student Credit-Hours for Arts & Sciences
Classes with Additional Instructor Descriptions
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