UVa Class Schedules (Unofficial, Lou's List v2.10)   New Features

I can't keep track of the Course Mnemonics that belong to the College of Arts and Sciences, so I need help. Below is a table of the current Course Mnemonics and those that I have included in the full CLAS listings. If I am missing any Mnemonics, please email me to let me know. Thanks! -- Lou Bloomfield (3/25/2014)

In CLAS Mnemonic Title
Yes AAS African-American and African Studies
ACCT Accounting
ADAP Advisor Approval - Self-Directed Major Requirement
AIRS Air Science
ALAR Architecture and Landscape Architecture
AM Applied Mechanics
Yes AMST American Studies
Yes ANTH Anthropology
APMA Applied Mathematics
Yes ARAB Arabic
ARAD Arts Administration
ARAH History of Art and Architecture
ARCH Architecture
ARCY Archaeology
ARH Architectural History
Yes ARTH History of Art
Yes ARTR Arabic in Translation
Yes ARTS Studio Art
ASL American Sign Language
Yes ASTR Astronomy
Yes BENG Bengali
Yes BETR Bengali in Translation
BIMS Biomedical Sciences
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOE Bioethics
Yes BIOL Biology
BIOM Biomedical Engineering
BIOP Biophysics
BME Biomedical Engineering
BUS Business
CCFA Common Course-Humanities
CCLT Common Course-Literature
CCSC Common Course-Sciences
CCSS Common Course-Social Sciences
CE Civil Engineering
CELL Cell Biology
CHE Chemical Engineering
Yes CHEM Chemistry
Yes CHIN Chinese
Yes CHTR Chinese in Translation
CJ Criminal Justice
Yes CLAS Classics
Yes COGS Cognitive Science
COLA College Advising Seminar
COMM Commerce
CPE Computer Engineering
Yes CPLT Comparative Literature
CS Computer Science
Yes CZ Czech
Yes DANC Dance
Yes DRAM Drama
Yes EALC East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Yes EAST East Asian Studies
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yes ECON Economics
EDHS Education-Human Services
EDIS Education-Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Ed
EDLF Education-Leadership, Foundations, and Policy
EDNC Education Non-Credit
Yes ENAM English-American Literature to 1900
Yes ENCR English-Criticism
Yes ENEC English-Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Lit
Yes ENGL English-Miscellaneous
Yes ENGN English-Genre Studies
ENGR Engineering
Yes ENLS English-Language Study
Yes ENLT English-Introductory Seminar in Literature
Yes ENMC English-Modern & Contemporary Literature
Yes ENMD English-Medieval Literature
Yes ENNC English-Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Yes ENPG English-Pedagogy
Yes ENPW English-Poetry Writing
Yes ENRN English-Renaissance Literature
Yes ENSP English-Special Topics in Literature
Yes ENWR English-Academic, Professional, & Creative Writing
EP Engineering Physics
ESL English as a Second Language
Yes ETP Enviromental Thought and Practice
Yes EVAT Environmental Sciences-Atmospheric Sciences
Yes EVEC Environmental Sciences-Ecology
Yes EVGE Environmental Sciences-Geosciences
Yes EVHY Environmental Sciences-Hydrology
Yes EVSC Environmental Sciences
Yes FREN French
Yes FRLN Foreign Language Exempt Modified
Yes FRTR French in Translation
GBUS Graduate Business
GCNL Clinical Nurse Leader
GCOM Graduate Commerce
GDS Global Development Studies
Yes GERM German
Yes GETR German in Translation
GNUR Graduate Nursing
Yes GREE Greek
Yes GSAS Graduate Arts & Sciences
Yes HBIO Human Biology
Yes HEBR Hebrew
HETR Hebrew in Translation
Yes HIAF History-African History
Yes HIEA History-East Asian History
Yes HIEU History-European History
Yes HILA History-Latin American History
Yes HIME History-Middle Eastern History
Yes HIND Hindi
Yes HISA History-South Asian History
Yes HIST History-General History
Yes HIUS History-United States History
HR Human Resources
Yes HSCI College Science Scholars Seminar
HUMS Humanistic Studies
IHGC Humanities and Global Cultures
IMP Interdisciplinary Thesis
Yes INST Interdisciplinary Studies
IS Interdisciplinary Studies
ISAS Interdisciplinary Studies-Analytical Skills
ISBU Interdisciplinary Studies-Business
ISCI Interdisciplinary Studies-Critical Issues
ISCP Interdisciplinary Studies-Capstone Project
ISCS Interdisciplinary Studies-Capstone Project
ISED Interdisciplinary Studies-Invidualized Education
ISGE Interdisiplinary Studies-General Elective
ISHU Interdisiplinary Studies-Humanities
ISIN Interdisciplinary Studies-Individualized Other
ISIR Interdisciplinary Studies-Independent Research
ISIT Interdisciplinary Studies-Information Technology
ISLS Interdisciplinary Studies-Liberal Studies Seminar
ISPS Interdisciplinary Studies-Proseminar
ISSS Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Sciences
IT Informational Technology
Yes ITAL Italian
Yes ITTR Italian in Translation
Yes JAPN Japanese
Yes JPTR Japanese in Translation
Yes JWST Jewish Studies
KINE Kinesiology
Yes KOR Korean
KRTR Korean in Translation
LAR Landscape Architecture
Yes LASE Liberal Arts Seminar
LAST Latin American Studies
Yes LATI Latin
Yes LING Linguistics
Yes LNGS General Linguistics
MAE Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Yes MATH Mathematics
Yes MDST Media Studies
MED Medicine
Yes MESA Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures
Yes MEST Middle Eastern Studies
MICR Microbiology
MISC Military Science
MSE Materials Science and Engineering
Yes MSP Medieval Studies
MUBD Music-Marching Band
Yes MUEN Music-Ensembles
Yes MUPF Music-Private Performance Instruction
Yes MUSI Music
NASC Naval Science
NCAM Non-Credit Association Management
NCAR Non-Credit Architecture & Environment Design
NCBM Non-Credit Business and Management
NCBS Non-Credit Biological Sciences
HCCJ NC-Criminal Justice
NCCS Non-Credit Computer and Information Sciences
NCED Non-Credit Education
NCEL Non-Credit English Literature
NCEN Non-Credit Engineering
NCFA Non-Credit Fine and Applied Arts
NCFL Non-Credit Foreign Language
NCFP Non-Credit Financial Planning
NCHP Non-Credit Health Professions
HCIC NC-Intellegence Community
NCIS Non-Credit Interdisciplinary Studies
NCLA Non-Credit Law
NCLE Non-Credit Letters
NCLS Non-Credit Library Sciences
NCPD Non-Credit Personal Development
NCPH Non-Credit Physical Sciences
NCPR Non-Credit Professional Review
NCPS Non-Credit Psychology
NCSS Non-Credit Social Sciences
NCTH Non-Credit Theology
Yes NESC Neuroscience
NRES Undergraduate Non-Resident
Yes NRGA Graduate Non-Resident
NUCO Nursing Core
NUIP Nursing Interprofessional
NURS Nursing
NW Non-Western Perspectives
PASH Pashto
PATH Pathology
PAVS Pavilion Seminars
PC Procurement and Contracts Management
Yes PERS Persian
Yes PETR Persian in Translation
PHAR Pharmacology
Yes PHIL Philosophy
PHS Public Health Sciences
PHSE Public Health Sciences Ethics
PHY Physiology
PHYE Physical Education
Yes PHYS Physics
PLAC Planning Application
Yes PLAD Politics-Departmental Seminar
PLAN Urban and Environmental Planning
Yes PLAP Politics-American Politics
Yes PLCP Politics-Comparative Politics
Yes PLIR Politics-International Relations
Yes PLPT Politics-Political Theory
PLSK Personal Skills
Yes POL Polish
Yes PORT Portuguese
POTR Portuguese in Translation
Yes PPL Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law
PPOL Public Policy
PSCJ Professional Studies-Criminal Justice
PSED Professional Studies-Education
PSEW Professional Studies-Education Web-Based
PSHM PS-Health Sciences Management
PSHP Professional Studies-Health Policy
PSHS PS-Health Science
PSLS Professional Studies-Leadership Skills
PSMT Professional Studies-MT
PSPA Professional Studies-Public Administration
PSPL Professional Studies-Political Leadership
PSPM Professional Studies-Project Management
PSSP Professional Studies-Spanish
PSSS Professional Studies-Social Sciences
PSTS Professional Studies-Technology and Society
Yes PST Political and Social Thought
PSWD Professional Studies-Workforce Development
Yes PSYC Psychology
Yes RELA Religion-African Religions
Yes RELB Religion-Buddhism
Yes RELC Religion-Christianity
Yes RELG Religion-General Religion
Yes RELH Religion-Hinduism
Yes RELI Religion-Islam
Yes RELJ Religion-Judaism
Yes RELS Religion-Special Topic
Yes RUSS Russian
Yes RUTR Russian in Translation
Yes SANS Sanskrit
SARC Architecture School
Yes SAST South Asian Studies
Yes SATR South Asian Literature in Translation
SEMS Semester at Sea
Yes SLAV Slavic
Yes SLFK Slavic Folklore & Oral Literature
Yes SLTR Slavic in Translation
Yes SOC Sociology
SOSC Social Science Elective
Yes SPAN Spanish
SPTR Spanish in Translation
Yes SRBC Serbo-Croatian
Yes STAT Statistics
STS Science, Technology, and Society
SURG Surgery
Yes SWAG Studies in Women and Gender
Yes SWAH Swahili
Yes SWR Second Writing Requirement
SYS Systems & Information Engineering
Yes TBTN Tibetan
TMP Technology, Management, and Policy
Yes TURK Turkish
Yes UKR Ukrainian
UNST University Studies
Yes URDU Urdu
USEM University Seminar
Yes WGS Women and Gender Studies
Yes YIDD Yiddish
Yes YITR Yiddish in Translation
ZFOR Study Abroad);