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Complete Schedule of Classes for the Master of Public Safety - Fall 2023
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I continue to maintain this list of classes, now with UVA support! -- Lou Bloomfield, Professor Emeritus of Physics
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Professional Studies - Public Safety
 PSPS 6000 Transformational Leadership in Changing Times
20774 501Lecture (3)Open 33 / 45Bryon Gustafson+1Tu 12:05am - 12:06amWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
20775 502Lecture (3)Open30 / 45Shannon Dion+2Mo 12:06am - 12:07amWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
 PSPS 6005 Practical Applications of Risk Management in Public Safety Operations
20776 501Lecture (3)Open19 / 45Murray Farr+3Mo 12:07pm - 12:08pmWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
 PSPS 6010 Constitutional Framework of Public Safety
20772 501Lecture (3)Open18 / 45Tani Cantil-Sakauye+2Tu 12:08am - 12:09amWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
20773 502Lecture (3)Open32 / 45Tani Cantil-Sakauye+2Mo 12:09am - 12:10pmWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
 PSPS 6015 Practical Application and Understanding of Data for Public Safety Managers
20771 501Lecture (3)Open18 / 45Tracie Keesee+1Tu 12:10am - 12:11amWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
 PSPS 6030 Developing and Implementing Systems of Emergency Preparedness
20770 501Lecture (3)Closed47 / 45Thomas Bradshaw+3Mo 12:11pm - 12:12pmWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
 PSPS 6040 Creating and Sustaining Community Dialogue
20767 501Lecture (3)Closed45 / 45Gregory Murphy+1Tu 12:12am - 12:13pmWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
20768 502Lecture (3)Open42 / 45James McElvain+1Mo 12:13am - 12:14amWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs
 PSPS 6050 Stewardship of Public Assets and Managing Human Capital
20766 501Lecture (3)Open37 / 45Murray Farr+2Tu 12:14am - 12:15amWeb-Based Course-No class mtgs

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