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Complete Schedule of Classes for the Certificate in Information Technology-Graduate and Undergraduate - Spring 2023
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I continue to maintain this list of classes, now with UVA support! -- Lou Bloomfield, Professor Emeritus of Physics
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Informational Technology
 IT 3000Cloud Computing Foundations
Spring 2023  20401 701Lecture (3 Units)Open9 / 26Eric RzeszutWe 1:24am - 1:25am Web-Based Course-No class mtgs
 IT 3100Architecture and Design
Spring 2023  20400 701Lecture (3 Units)Open7 / 26Jimmy Ardiansyah+3We 7:00pm - 10:00pm Web-Based Course
 IT 3110Networking Fundamentals
Spring 2023  20399 701Lecture (3 Units)Open6 / 26Laura Malave+1We 1:26am - 1:27am Web-Based Course-No class mtgs
 IT 3120Cloud Infrastructure Management
Spring 2023  20397 701Lecture (3 Units)Open5 / 26Roger OfarrilTu 6:30pm - 9:30pm Web-Based Course
 IT 3220Strategic Business Value of Information Technology
Spring 2023  20407 701Lecture (3 Units)Open10 / 26Lisa WentzelWe 1:12am - 1:13am Web-Based Course-No class mtgs
 IT 3240Enterprise Systems Architecture and Design
Spring 2023  20406 701Lecture (3 Units)Open12 / 26Donald Chisholm+3We 1:14am - 1:15am Web-Based Course-No class mtgs
 IT 3405Database Management and Administration
Spring 2023  20395 701Lecture (3 Units)Open5 / 26Majed Al-Ghandour+3We 1:28am - 1:29am Web-Based Course-No class mtgs
 IT 3410Introduction to Python and Software Development
Spring 2023  20398 701Lecture (3 Units)Open6 / 26Douglas MujeyeWe 5:00pm - 8:00pm Web-Based Course
 IT 3600Data Analytics & Decision-Making
Spring 2023  20404 701Lecture (3 Units)Open5 / 26Majed Al-Ghandour+3We 1:16am - 1:17am Web-Based Course-No class mtgs
 IT 4400Web Application Development - Building Dynamic Websites
Spring 2023  20405 701Lecture (3 Units)Open5 / 26Michael VitoMo 1:18am - 1:19am Web-Based Course-No class mtgs

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