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Schedule of Classes for Interdisciplinary Studies - Spring 2023
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Interdisciplinary Studies
 INST 1605History of Mr. Jefferson's University
11820 001Lecture (1 Units)Open16 / 45Kiersen Mather+3Mo 4:00pm - 4:50pmJohn W. Warner Hall 104
 INST 2500Interdisciplinary Studies International Residential College
 IRC in Oxford and London: Residential Colleges
14115 001SEM (1 Units)Permission 14 / 12Phoebe CrismanTu 6:30pm - 7:30pmNew Cabell Hall 338
 INST 2550Interdisciplinary Studies Hereford College
 Bill's Bugs
11540 002SEM (1 - 3 Units)Open3 / 8William PetriMo 6:30pm - 7:30pmContact Department
 Garden Party
12043 004Lecture (1 - 3 Units)Open 1 / 12Michelle MaggioreTBATBA
 INST 2559New Course in Interdisciplinary Studies
 Flourishing Practicum for Citizen Leaders
20887 001Lecture (1 Units)Permission0 / 23Caren Freeman+1Fr 1:00pm - 3:00pmThe Rotunda Room 150
 INST 2570Interdisciplinary Studies Brown College
 Introduction to Podcast Production
20994 001SEM (1 Units)Open3 / 20James CoanWe 5:30pm - 7:30pmContact Department
 INST 3150CavEd Pedagogy Seminar
20755 001SEM (1 Units)Closed 14 / 14Michael PalmerTu 5:00pm - 6:15pm Lower West Oval Room 102
 INST 3600The Best of UVA: A Collection of Unforgettable Lectures
11704 001Lecture (1 Units)Open127 / 140Barry CondronWe 5:00pm - 6:15pmClark Hall 107
 INST 4200Lawn Seminar
11814 001SEM (1 Units)Wait List (0 / 199) 12 / 12Michael LenoxTh 5:00pm - 5:50pmContact Department

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