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Schedule of Classes for EuropeanStudies - Fall 2020
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I continue to maintain this list of classes, now with UVA support! -- Lou Bloomfield, Professor Emeritus of Physics
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European Studies
 EURS 5000Perspectives on Europe and the World
Fall 2020  15656 001SEM (3 Units)Open 7 / 10 (7 / 10)Kyrill KunakhovichTh 2:00pm - 4:30pm Web-Based Course
 EURS 5501Topics in European Studies
 International Trade: Theory and Policy
Fall 2020  21140 001SEM (3 Units)Closed1 / 1Kerem CosarTBA Web-Based Course
 EURS 9998Non-Topical Research: Masters Degree
Fall 2020  16044 001SEM (3 Units)Permission 0 / 5Manuela AchillesTBA Web-Based Course

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