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Complete Schedule of Classes Satisfying the First Writing Requirement - Summer 2020
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I continue to maintain this list of classes, now with UVA support! -- Lou Bloomfield, Professor Emeritus of Physics
The Rhetoric for the 21st Century literacy provides experience with rhetorical arts learned and practiced over the course of one's life. These include written, oral, and digital forms of expression used by highly literate members of our society. Both the First Writing and Second Writing requirements comprise the Rhetoric for the 21st Century component of the New Curriculum.

All students in the New College Curriculum enroll in a First Writing course. Multiple skill-levels are available to encourage the development of this literacy for all students. For information on placement, click here: First Writing Placement.
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Writing and Rhetoric
 ENWR 1506Writing & Critical Inquiry Stretch II
 Writing about Culture/Society
Summer 2020  13067 001SEM (3 Units)Permission 1 / 5Marcus Meade TBAWeb-Based Course
 ENWR 1510Writing and Critical Inquiry
 Writing about Culture/Society
Summer 2020  10813 001SEM (3 Units)Open 15 / 18Marcus Meade MoTuWeThFr 1:00pm - 3:15pmBryan Hall 312
 This class helps students grow as writers using a theme of "Sports and Society." While reading and writing about sports, students will gain valuable knowledge and skills to help them succeed in various writing contexts. This course fulfills the first writing requirement. ***If this course is moved online, students will engage synchronously in small-group Zoom meetings held a couple of times a week and asynchronously through the use of short video lectures, discussion board posts, and online peer feedback.***
 Writing about the Arts
Summer 2020  11254 002SEM (3 Units)Open 9 / 18Anastatia Curley MoTuWeThFr 10:30am - 12:45pmBryan Hall 312
 This course helps students develop their writing abilities by reading and writing about contemporary film and television—and considering how new media and new technologies have changed what we mean when we say “film” or “television.” We will watch movies and tv shows and practice making interpretive arguments about them, learning the practices and conventions of writing about visual media in the process. We’ll also consider how new media has changed contemporary cultural criticism, and students will practice writing for the ear by making a podcast in response to a film or tv show of their choice. As in all sections of ENWR 1510, we will focus on developing the skills and habits that make a strong writer: through daily writing both casual and formal, students will work on writing thoughtful, analytical, and stylish prose. This course satisfies the first writing requirement. **If this course moves online, we'll meet synchronously (online on Zoom during the course period) a few times a week, and students will also work asynchronously (on their own time) for about half the weekly class sessions. Asynchronous work may involve discussion posts, drafting, watching lectures or films, or other kinds of work.

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