Class 14678 COMM 4822 - 001 (Lecture)
Invest in Sustainable Future
Instructor Mark White
Mark WhiteMo 2:00pm - 4:45pmWeb-Based Course
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Enrollment: (Show Graph) 12 students (capacity 30)
Status: Open, Waitlist Available When Full
Units: 3
Meeting Dates: 02/01/2021 - 05/06/2021
Class Components: Lecture Required
Enrollment Requirements: 4th-year
Requirement Designation: None
Class Attributes: None
Grading: COVID Student Option
SIS Description: This interdisciplinary course focuses on understanding, identifying and analyzing investment projects hastening our transition to a sustainable society. Working together in multidisciplinary teams, participants will analyze real-world opportunities applying rigorous standards for sustainability, strategic fit, financial performance, and practicality.
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