UVa Course Catalog (Unofficial, Lou's List)
Complete Catalog of Courses for the Certificate in Public Administration-Graduate    
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These pages present data mined from the University of Virginia's student information system (SIS). I hope that you will find them useful. — Lou Bloomfield, Department of Physics
Professional Studies-Public Administration
PSPA 5000Intro to Public Administration (3)
Fall 2020
Provides students with an overview of the theory and practice of public administration. Covers topics such as the historical development of public administration, public organizational dynamics, public personnel administration, public budgeting, public policy, and ethics. Applies analytical skills using case studies focusing on current issues.
PSPA 5010Public Policy Analysis (3)
Introduces tools and concepts in performing policy analysis. Focuses on critical thinking skills to synthesize and evaluate theoretical models and policy alternatives. Covers environmental policy, healthcare, welfare, terrorism, immigration, and foreign policy. Links between federal, state, and local public policy and public administration.
PSPA 5020Public Organization Management (3)
Familiarizes students with public organization management literature. Covers historically important works in the field, major current schools of thought, and writers in organization theory and behavior. Examines different ways to view organizations.
PSPA 5030Public Budgeting and Financial Management (3)
Exposes students to the theoretical foundations and applied practices of public budgeting and financial management of public organizations. Focuses on the issues of budgeting and finance in a broad sense and specifically as it pertains to public administration.
PSPA 5040Ethics (3)
Fall 2020
Introduces and explores the philosophical and practical issues related to ethical decision making. Emphasizes the analysis of ethical problems and the development of analytical skills and values. Incorporates case studies, journal articles, current events, and debates as practical examples of ethical issues.
PSPA 5050Environmental Policies and Practices (3)
Provides an overview of current environmental policies and practices at the federal, state, and local levels as well as global environmental issues. Covers such topics as environmental justice, sustainable development, resiliency; environmental risk, economic environmental issues; and the distributed effects of environmental pollution aross ethnic, racial, income and occupational groups.
Course was offered Summer 2020, Summer 2019, Fall 2016
PSPA 5060Digital Government (3)
Examines the ways in which the public sector is changing as a result of information technology. Covers various topics such as the social, ethical, policy, and management issues related to information technology. Explores federal, state and local initiatives in digital government. Reviews the theoretical foundations of information technology.
Course was offered Spring 2014
PSPA 5070Emergency Services in Public Administration (3)
Provides an overview of emergency management disciplines, including hazards and risk assessment, mitigation, preparedness, communications, response, recovery, international disaster management, terrorist threats, and future-related challenges and opportunities. The history and evolution of emergency management law, policies, management approaches, and institutions is emphasized along with government approaches.
Course was offered Spring 2017, Spring 2016