UVa Course Catalog (Unofficial, Lou's List)
Complete Catalog of Courses for the Certificate in Information Technology-Graduate and Undergraduate    
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These pages present data mined from the University of Virginia's student information system (SIS). I hope that you will find them useful. — Lou Bloomfield, Department of Physics
Informational Technology
IT 1010Explorations in Cyber Security (3)
Introduces the field of cyber security and the role of its professionals in a wide array of career opportunities in the 21st century; covers the methods used to identify, protect, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber security attacks; emphasizes real world case studies and guest lectures from various cyber security fields. Prerequisite: Approved as a SCPS High School Community Scholar.
IT 3200Introduction to Information Technology (3)
Explores the fundamental concepts, theory, and technology involved in information systems. Topics include client/server technology, computer organizations, operating systems, basic programming concepts, and Internet technologies.
IT 3210Programming with Java (3)
Studies key structures, concepts, and applications needed to write programs with Java, an object-oriented programming language used for developing user interfaces on the Web.
IT 3220Strategic Business Value of Information Technology (3)
Fall 2020
Focuses on how to assess the value of IT investments and align technical strategies with business strategies. Introduces Porter's Five Forces Model, the value chain, technology payoff metrics, and risk analysis. Explores ways to leverage disruptive technologies for competitive advantage.
IT 3230Basics of Web Design (3)
Master the basics of website construction, design, and maintenance using XHTML and CSS. The course provides an overview of aesthetic, business, and technical website design concepts. Attention is also given to the underlying concepts of website design such as navigation for websites, usability, accessibility issues, and the process of putting a completed website online.
IT 3240Enterprise Systems Architecture and Design (3)
Applies common frameworks and methodologies to the examination of enterprise system architecture needs. Includes coverage of the systems development life cycle and the methodologies in use characterized by their varying degrees of iteration, structure, and user involvement. Emphasizes analytical and design concepts and related tools such as use cases and Unified Modeling Language.
IT 3250User Requirements and Quality Assurance (3)
Develops the skills needed to understand user requirements, meet customer needs, and ensure client satisfaction. Emphasizes the importance of quality assurance through instruction and class exercises.
IT 3270Introduction to Programming Concepts (3)
An introductory course in programming that provides the necessary stepping stones for more advanced computer programming. Introduces the basic concepts of programming, enabling students to develop fundamental skills in translating business problems into programming solutions. This course follows the object-oriented emphasis of Java.
Course was offered Fall 2011, Spring 2010
IT 3280Increasing Human Connectivity in a Post-Social Media Society (3)
Examines contemporary questions about media, technology, sociality, and society in a variety of settings. Establishes both theoretical and experiential foundations for making personal decisions and judgements regarding the relationship between mediated communications and the human community.
IT 3290Ethical Issues in Technology (3)
Examines ethical issues including privacy, system abuse, and ethical practices in information technology. Explores how to make sound ethical choices and resolve legal and moral issues that arise in information technology.
Course was offered Spring 2011
IT 3300Introduction to Web Content Development (3)
Introduction to Web Content Development
IT 3310Management Information Systems Fundamentals (3)
Introduces students to the field of technological advances in computer systems affected by advancing technology. Explores computer-based information systems in response to management needs as well as trends and developments in the IT fields.
Course was offered Summer 2011
IT 3320Advanced Web Technologies (3)
Introduces students to emerging programming languages such as XML and the many tools used to display content on wireless and mobile computing devices. Examines the latest software in order to gain an understanding of tools that work best to solve problems, enhance workforce and meet goals.
Course was offered Spring 2012, Summer 2010
IT 3330Writing for the Web (3)
Writing for the Web
Course was offered Summer 2011
IT 3340Fundamentals of E-Business and Web Marketing (3)
Study how business is conducted online with a review of e-commerce terminology and industry practices. Concentration is given to sharpening Web marketing skills and developing strategies to reach your intended audience.
Course was offered Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Spring 2010
IT 3350Agile Project Management (3)
Fall 2020
Introduces the principles of Agile Project Management and covers the frameworks and practices used by agile teams. Explores innovative ways of gathering requirements, estimation, release planning, performance metrics, and scaling with the Agile Manifesto in mind. Emphasizes software development while applying the principles to any type of project..
IT 3360Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (3)
Examines how to optimize a Web site to obtain a better search engine positioning on popular search engines and directories using target keywords, and phrases. Includes topics on how to further increase a site's compatibility with search engines and how to optimize a site that uses more complex design technologies such as dynamic content, Flash, and tables.
IT 3370Network Administration (3)
Introduces current networking standards, the OSI Model, various protocols and topologies, the interconnections between various hardware components, network operating systems, DNS, DHCP, TCP/ IP, Ethernet, wired and wireless transmission and security.
IT 3390Building and Leading Effective Teams in Information Technology (3)
Examines and introduces the skills necessary to excel as a leader including dealing with conflict, developing leadership skills, recruiting and developing employees, and leading remote and virtual teams. Introduces students to the general challenges of management as well as the challenges unique to leading teams of technology professionals.
IT 3400Database Management and Business Intelligence/Analytics (3)
Fall 2020
Learn and apply the fundamentals of relational database modeling and database management systems technology in the development of business information systems. Encompasses entity/relationship diagrams, relational theory, normalization, integrity constraints, the Structured Query Language (SQL), and physical and logical design. Students will also be exposed to core concepts and tools associated with data warehousing.
IT 3401Smart Cities Enabling Sustainability (3)
Introduces smart cities within the context of sustainability: economic, environmental, and equity. Provides a multidisciplinary look at innovative smart city approaches to solve complex problems on the local level with global impact; includes topics from environmental studies, information technology, data science, engineering, and social science.
IT 3500Data Analytics & Decision-Making (3)
Introduces analytics process from question formulation to data gathering, processing, and decision making; highlights and explores differences among methods using large data sets + case studies from various industries to illustrate and understand concepts. Utilizes statistical software; applies analytical methods through exercises, case study examination, and final project. Prereq: Foundational knowledge of statistics or instructor permission.
Course was offered Spring 2017
IT 4210JAVA II: Applying Data Structures using JAVA (3)
JAVA II: Applying Data Structures using JAVA
IT 4400Web Application Development - Building Dynamic Websites (3)
This course serves as a capstone course to be taken after all other required courses in the program. Using a project-based approach, students will develop Web applications using the PHP scripting language and MySQL databases. Topics include PHP scripting, data-driven interactivity, writing secure PHP programs, and code frameworks.
IT 5010Principles of Database Systems Using Java (3)
The course covers the underlying concepts of Relational Database Management Systems using Java. Borlands Jbuilder will be used ot develop applications.
Course was offered Fall 2010, Fall 2009
IT 5020Server-side Web Applications with Java (3)
This course covers techniques for building server-side applciations for dynamic data driven Web sites. Topics include data access objects, HTTP response data, Java Servelets and ServerPages
Course was offered Spring 2011, Fall 2009
IT 5030Enterprise Computing with Java (3)
This course covers the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specifications for developing distributed enterprise applicaions. Students will use BEA Web Logic application server to build enterprise applications
Course was offered Spring 2010
IT 5040XML and Web Services (3)
Course covers concepts, technology and applications of XML as they apply to Web-based J2EE application development. Topics include XML, Namespaces, DTDs, Simple Application Programming Interface. Students will demonstrate web services using Jbuilder, kWebLogic, and Altova XML Spy.
Course was offered Spring 2011, Fall 2009
IT 5050Object-Oriented Analysis & J2ee Design Patterns with UML (3)
Topics include principles of OO Programming iterative software development. The UML will be explored in detail to illustrate J2EE design patterns. Also covered will caces, strategies for identifying objects and classes of objects. Current methodologies for developing J2EE applicaiton, like Iterative Process and eXtreme Programming will be explored.
Course was offered Spring 2012, Spring 2010
IT 5060J2EE Application Security (3)
This course examines issues associated with making J2EE web applications secure. The focus is on server-side features of J2ee security such as proper server configuration and accessing and using LDAP and SSL.
Course was offered Fall 2010
IT 5220Strategic Business Value of Information Technology (3)
Focuses on how to assess the value of IT investments and align technical strategies with business strategies. Introduces Porter's Five Forces Model, the value chain, technology payoff metrics, and risk analysis. Explores ways to leverage disruptive technologies for competitive advantage. Application of various models and frameworks is achieved through assignment. Prerequisite: Admission to Graduate Certificate in HSM or Instructor Permission.