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These pages present data mined from the University of Virginia's student information system (SIS). I hope that you will find them useful. — Lou Bloomfield, Department of Physics
Humanities and Global Cultures
IHGC 3550Short Course in IHGC (1 - 3)
This will be a 4-6 week "short course" that students take on a humanities topic for a range of credit hours depending upon specific requirements of instructor(s). The Institute offers various seminars of this variety and so far all have been offered as 3559. This would create an actual place in the catalog for the IHGC "short course," which would have different topics but would always fit the format of a "short course"/seminar.
Course was offered Spring 2015
IHGC 3559New Course in IHGC (1 - 4)
This is an interdisciplinary seminar in the field of the humanities.
IHGC 5559New Course: Humanities in Place (3)
This seminar treats the ethics of food as a way into questions about humanity's changing role within ecological systems. It explores the practical controversies arising within of contemporary food practices including obligations to the hungry, responses to obesity, labor fairness, genetic technologies, and treatment of animals. It connects those controversies to broader inquiries about the meaning of food and the human presence in nature
Course was offered Fall 2013, Spring 2013
IHGC 7559New Course in Narrative Theory (3)
Study and comparison of major theories of narrative, including Booth, Stanzel, Barthes, Genette, Cohn, Bakhtin, and others.
Course was offered Spring 2015