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Catalog of Courses for Environmental Thought & Practice    
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These pages present data mined from the University of Virginia's student information system (SIS). I hope that you will find them useful. — Lou Bloomfield, Department of Physics
Enviromental Thought and Practice
ETP 2020Global Sustainability (3)
Earth's ecosystems are threatened by accelerated population growth, depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation, and loss of biodiversity. This interdisciplinary course prepares students to understand and lead efforts to address these challenges. It provides foundational knowledge and challenges participants to deepen their understanding by working collaboratively to develop and implement a real-world, local sustainability project.
Course was offered Spring 2013, Fall 2011, Fall 2010
ETP 2030Politics, Science, and Values: An Introduction to Environmental Policy (3)
Introduces a wide variety of domestic and international environmental policy issues. Explores how political processes, scientific evidence, ideas, and values affect environmental policy making. This class satisfies the social sciences area requirement and not the natural sciences/mathematics area requirement, since ETP 2030 is devoted to the subject of environmental policy. Cross listed as EVSC 2030 and PLAP 2300.
ETP 2559New Course in Environmental Thought and Practice (1 - 4)
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject area of environmental thought and practice.
ETP 3559New Course in Environmental Thought and Practice (1 - 4)
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject area of environmental thought and practice.
Course was offered Fall 2016
ETP 4010Environmental Decisions (3)
This team-taught, capstone seminar for the Environmental Thought and Practice major helps students integrate the broad range of ideas and information employed in environmental decision-making. A case study approach is used to examine the scientific, historical, cultural, ethical and legal dimensions of selected environmental issues. Prerequisite: Declaration of ETP major.
ETP 4693The Business of Saving Nature (3)
Human activities are currently resulting in an unprecedented decline in the biological diversity of our planet. The conversion of natural lands for agriculture and urbanization, together with the alteration of wetlands and aquatic ecosystems, is resulting in the extinction of species that depend on these ecosystems as essential habitat. Recognition of the impacts of human activity on biological diversity has led to a growing international environmental movement to promote the preservation of natural ecosystems. The preservation of biological diversity is dependent on the integration of conservation objectives into the framework of regional economic development, which will require a blending of our scientific and economic understanding about these issues. This course focuses on the scientific and economic issues related to the conservation and preservation of natural ecosystems via an insitutional learning experience.
ETP 4810Class Race & the Environment (3)
Focuses on the intersections among class, race and the environment. The course goals are to achieve an understanding of central environmental policy issues, to consider what 'class' and 'race' mean, and to examine the distribution of environmental hazards across people of different classes and races. (Cross listed with PLAP 4810)